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C3 Gaming is a 501(c)3, nonprofit, which believes everyone can make a positive impact in our communities. We help make an impact by creating opportunities in underserved communities to participate and benefit from the growing world of esports. We happen to bring people together to play video games.

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The Beginning

C3 Gaming was born out of a series of events that began in a carport in Echo Park, Los Angeles in 2009. It started as a group of friends getting together to enjoy the competitive nature of a fighting game tournament, delicious carne asada, DJs playing live music, artists creating their masterpieces and the power of community. This group of gamers would grow into a group then known as UGTL in the Fighting Game Community (FGC). UGTL would grow from hosting events at a house into moving their events into warehouse spaces and then finally into an event venue. It was during these events that, co-founder of UGTL, Bryan Marquez, would have his passion ignited for event organization. He realized that there was something bigger starting to form from his love to compete in gaming and his ability to bring people together. UGTL winded down in 2012, but that did not mean an end to what set in motion.

Community Culture Change, Inc

Through a revitalization of his faith and support of his church, wife, children, family, and friends, Community Culture Change, Inc (C3) was born in 2014. Community Culture Change is a 501c(3) non-profit group whose mission is to create positive change and provide resources in undeserved communities by building a network of organizations and individuals who share the same vision. Their first project was C3 Tutoring, which provided free tutoring to communities in East Los Angeles and the Temple City/El Monte area. C3 Tutoring has served hundreds of children in its 5-year span and helped students build a solid educational foundation to ensure they can thrive in their academic endeavors.


Bryan birthed C3 Gaming during his work in event production for collegiate esports. During this time, he was able to see competitive gaming evolve into something that could be utilized in education to teach skills that are relevant in today's workforce. By helping educators better understand the emerging esport landscape and facilitating talks between the different esports stakeholders, C3 Gaming aims to create opportunities in esports for middle school, high school, and collegiate students. C3 Gaming's mission is an extension of C3's overall mission to provide resources for the underserved by providing a diverse student population with opportunities to participate in all aspects of the esports ecosystem with a focus on complementing core educational values, developing professional skill sets, and creating a community that can pivot to the ever-changing needs of its students.

What we do

At our core, we are about educating students, parents, and school administration about the growing opportunities that exist in the amateur esports ecosystem. From college scholarships that are given out to players to compete on varsity esports teams, to curriculum that is being integrated into classrooms by teachers in esports in education groups. We help spread the word about these great opportunities through hosting local events, having booths at different conventions/expos and gaming tournaments, and meeting with local community leaders and schools to discuss how best to approach this burgeoning industry. If finding the funds to support an esports program is an issue, we can also work with you on finding a solution. If you are interested in connecting with us or would like to ask questions, please use one the platforms below to reach out to us.


“Together, we want to promote a growth mindset culture, create change for the better, and cultivate our communities to be healthy and vibrant.”